Breakdown: Candy Crush Saga

Here I have made a Breakdown showing just a few of all the thousands of graphics that we made at King on the game Candy Crush. It’s impossible for me to even show every little thing that I have made to the game because it’s a lot!


I got the opportunity to make a re-design of the famous Candy Crush Saga character Misty. This version of Misty was released in the episode called Candied Cliffs and it’s the 91st episode. (You can see the whole process by grabbing the slider above).

Liquorice Cat

This delicious Liquorice Cat is my own design. It was also one of my first characters for the game. She can be found in the episode called Barking Boutique and Peppermint Party. It’s the 78th episode.


This is a character I designed for the episode called Bon Bon Bistro.


Candy Crush Saga Veronica Isaksson

Animated Cutscenes

The stories had to be simple and fast told because we only got 12 seconds to tell it between the levels. I did some animated cutscenes, effects and particles using Adobe Flash & Kings game engine.  Later we started to use Spine.

candy crush veronica isaksson game artist


I have made more than 30 full episodes for the game and many more small assets. Following the games style guide. I also helped out on many other episodes as well.

Map Art & Game Assets!

For every new episode that was made we did a cutscene, telling a simple short story about Tiffi solving problems in her own crazy way. Designed a new character Tiffi meets. Created a background where the story happens. Also we created new props, promotion pictures and outfits to fit the story.

But we also created graphics to the game map. The game map had an out zoomed version of the episode cutscene or background. For example; If it was a room as the background of the cutscene, we made how that house would look like from the outside for the map graphics. Then we animated the assets before we inplemented it to the game and released it!


This is what you se behind the Candy Crush Saga game board when you play a level in an episode. The first one is Research Reef. The seacond one is the episode Tacky Tent.

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